5 Best Singing Lessons Online That Will Help You Sing Like The Pro’s (Courses)

Who doesn’t love to sing?

There’s a reason karaoke nights across the globe leave countless people smiling and happy when the last note rings out.

In fact, studies have shown that singing can actually improve your happiness, so it’s no wonder that so many find joy from it.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, amateur, or hobbyist singer, you can always improve your skills, fine-tune your technique (literally), and find ways to make it more fun for you and for those around you!

You might want to become a better singer for your own personal enjoyment, or maybe you want to pursue a career in music.

Whatever the case may be for you, you can improve your vocals with ease and have fun along the way using online singing lessons.

Singing lessons online are an extremely effective way to improve your range, technique, and more.

Due to popular demand, we summarized the products below for your convenience:

  30 day singer review thevocalist studio logo singorama review superior singing method
30 Day Singer The Vocalist Studio Singorama Superior Singing Method
Interactive  Interactive/Recorded  Interactive/Recorded Recorded Recorded
Feedback 1-on-1 Calls/Multiple Coaches 1-on-1 Calls Live Assistance No
Recorded Lessons Available Available Available Yes
Customized Experience Yes Yes Yes No
Wide Variety Yes Yes Yes No
Credentials 4.8/5 4.7/5 4.6/5 3/5
Genre All genre Different All genre Not Defined
 Recommendation Not Recommended

Choosing the Right Singing Lessons for You

Learn Singing OnlineOnce you have decided that you want to try online singing lessons, the next vital step is to choose the online singing lessons that are right for you.

There are countless different options you can choose from, but they are not all made equal.

That’s why, in your search for the right online singing lessons for you, the first step is to narrow down your choices to the options that are held to the highest standard of quality and are, at the same time, suited to your level of experience.

Here are some of the things you should look for to help you discern which online singing lessons are worth your time and money before you sign up:


  • Interactive: Many online singing lessons offer interactive learning opportunities, and theses are immensely helpful in honing your craft. Otherwise, you might as well read a textbook on how to sing. Without exercises to put what you’re learning into practice, you won’t be able to tell if you’re really improving your skills as you progress through online singing lessons.


  • Feedback: Having an interactive experience is one thing, but one that actually yields helpful feedback is a whole other story. Some online singing lessons help you to get feedback from experts and teachers – some even being world-renowned.


  • Recorded Lessons: Recorded lessons are one of the biggest benefits of online singing lessons. Unlike traditional music and vocal classes where you need to clear our your schedule and be somewhere at a specific time, having pre-recorded classes allows you to do your class at the time that works best for you and practice your skills when it works best with your schedule.


  •  Customized Experience: The classes that yield the best results are the classes that offer a unique experience to you. This way, it can fit with exactly what you need. With a personalized experience, you can ensure that you’ll be able to focus on what is most important to you or what you need most improvement on. Some of these online singing lessons will even develop customized workouts to aid you in improving your vocal skills. By having the feedback, personalization, and assistance you need to identify where your technique could use improvement, you can make sure that you’re able to make yourself the strongest and most talented singer possible.


  • Wide Variety:The best online singing lessons will offer a wide range of classes to choose from. Some online singing lessons might have libraries with tons of recorded sessions and advice from their teachers that you can tap into. Such resources can help you to get the most out of your experience and help you grow to be the best vocalist you can possibly be.


  • The Tools You Need: Does the class you are looking at come with all of the recording tools and programs that you need to have a productive learning experience? The best online singing lessons will come with the recorders, tools, studio programs, and libraries that you need to learn and improve your vocal skills all in one convenient place.


  • Credentials: How well an online singing lesson or those running it have done in the past is a good indication of the kind of experience you are likely to have with it. If the school has tons of good reviews on the web and people telling their success stories of how much they learned and improved their vocals, you can likely expect much of the same experience. Likewise, if the teachers, producers, or those running the class are successful in the music industry, have won rewards, or taught other successful students, then chances are that they know what they’re doing and that you will have a good experience learning from those experts as well.


  • Genre: Different musical genres come with vastly different styles and vocal lessons, and it’s important for your online singing lessons to reflect that appropriately. Country music will sound vastly different from rock music and other genres of music, and having online singing lessons to help you master the technique, sounds, and style of your genre is an important part of the process. Knowing the distinctive quirks of your genre will help you get the best results from your online singing lessons.

The Best Online Singing Lessons

Now that you know what is important to look for when comparing and searching for the right online singing lessons for you, the next step is to start looking at specific courses and finding the online lessons program that checks off all of your most important boxes.Get an interactive experience

Here are our top favorite options when it comes to best online singing lessons to help you narrow down your options and find one that best fits your expectations and needs.

The above features are what you should know to look for in some of the best online singing lessons – some courses might only meet some of these requirements, but not all.

What you need to remember is to look for the most important features in these situations that are most important to you personally to get out of your online singing lessons.

Without further due, here are our top 6 selections when it comes to the best online singing lessons that you’ll find across the World Wide Web!

****2020 Singing Lessons Online Update***

There are a ton of new classes, courses, and resources when it comes to singing lessons online.

However, there are only a few handfuls of them that are legit in my opinion, I’ve provided my top 5 recommendations based on quality, resources, testimonials, ease of use ad most importantly support and follow up.

thevocalist studio logoThe vocalist studio is an incredible resource that helps aspiring singers just like you train their voice to be connected and controlled, refining their vocal skills and helping them to foster great results from their efforts.

Specializing in assisting those with “mixed voices” work out how to master their skills, helping Baritones rise to those high notes, aiding students in techniques to train their chest voice, revealing the best ways to use their head voice, and finally –putting an end to that pushing and choking that comes when you’re struggling to sing once and for all.

Organized by Robert Lunte, The Vocalist Studio helps guide those who want to improve their voice towards their dreams. Here’s a word from Robert himself,

With comprehensive and modern online singing lessons, The Vocalist Studio has already helped students across the globe improve their skills – and it can help you, too.

The Vocalist Studio offers a number of different course packages, so you can learn how to sing in the way that suits you best within your budget.

Choose between four packages, ranging between the simple course and book, to the biggest package, which includes the course and training, eBook, hard copy of the book, and 6 live or Skype lessons with the master.

Robert Lunte also offers private classes, which you can enjoy in Seattle or over Skype.

Offering options to help you become a TVS Instructor and Vocalist, The Vocalist Studio is everything an aspiring singer could want in online singing lessons.

Explore their different packages and what The Vocalist Studio can do for your voice by clicking the banner below.

#2: 30 Day Singer Review

As the name suggests you’ll be a singer in 30 days if you follow their program. I mean,.. this sounds too good to be true, it almost sounds like a gimmick. Since there are other good courses, I was skeptical at first and was hesitant to try it out or recommend it. But 100’s of reviews and user-made me reconsider and check them out.

30 day singer review

Here’s the break down:

The program is definitely for beginners and intermediate vocalist. This program will help you to set up a base foundation for your future singing goals at a really rapid pace. That being said you will have a long journey before you can hit those Jason Derulo or Christina Aguilera notes.

The program is divided into 4 parts,

  • Beginners course: Walks you through the basics techniques such as vocal warm-ups, controlling your breath, cord compression, tone, belting, song analysis etc.
  • Advance course: This is where it’s a bit lacking to call it advanced but they cover some topics such as performance, runs, famous styles, specialized technique lessons (Phrasing, Vibrato, Pitch, Tone, etc).
  • Singing Tips and  Techniques: I liked this section, they cover topics that are more helpful once you get the basics down like key to perfect pitch and intonation, steps to better phrasing, mastering vibrato, getting better tone, healthy and strong belting.
  • Warm-ups and Vocal Health: Finally some in-depth and necessary information about daily and performance warm-ups.

30DaySinger.com Online Singing Lessons

The course is set up to be daily lessons, so if you’re a beginner you can learn at a daily pace or even quicker to get to advance section.

Once you’re comfortable you can book a 1-on-1 call with an instructor and work on sections you’re having issues.  Or there a forum for all students to freely ask questions and get feedback with fellow students.

Apart from that, the drawbacks would be the price, its a monthly subscription service. Most singing courses online are one-time payment(if you’re interested in that check out The Vocalist Studio).

However, they also provide 30 days money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied and you can always cancel the subscription once you’re ready to move onto the next level.

Verdict: YES, you should try it out if you’re a beginner or intermediate. Click below on the banner to check out the 30-day singer program.


Want to learn to sing like a pro? Then Singorama is for you!singorama singing lessons

The Singorama package comes chock full of tools that help you to hone your vocal skills.

You’ll have access to a vocal studio that provides you with vocal tools, workouts, videos, and more.

Pair this with the online singing lessons video library and vocal journal to help you through your lessons.

Go through warm-ups to keep your voice up to par, and the voice recorder and pitch training system to put your skills to the test.

By the end of your online singing lessons with Singorama, you’ll not only have had access to all the advanced tools and programs you need to help you put your

knowledge into practice.

singorama review

But you’ll also have a long-lasting improvement in your singing skills and knowledge on how to continuously improve your singing skills as you continue along your path,whether you are pursuing online singing lessons for a career or simply honing your skills as a hobby.

Available at a competitive price, Singorama online singing lessons offer custom evaluations, written lessons, interactive exercises, personalized vocal workouts, harmony and pitch training, and more.

To top it all off, these online singing lessons will track your progress and offers live assistance whenever you need it.

Learn more about Singorama and what it offers to students like you on their website!

#4: Superior Singing Method Course

superior singing method logoSuperior Singing Method boasts breakthrough methods that help aspiring vocalists to exponentially improve their abilities.

Helping you to sing with more control, gain up to an octave in vocal range, and improve your voice overall.

Superior Singing Method is an ideal training solution for anyone considering online singing lessons.

With Superior Singing Method, anyone can learn to sing –these online singing lessons make it easy.

In only minutes, you will be able to improve your vocal control and freedom – enjoying the fun that comes with it more than you ever have before.

These online singing lessons include 8 steps of high-level vocal training exercises with the world-renowned vocal instructor Aaron Anastasi.

The online singing lessons also focus on developing a more accurate pitch, improving your vocal tone and vocal power, developing your mixed voice, and so much more.

Think Superior Singing Method might be the online singing lessons that you’ve been looking for? Learn more here.

#5: Best Free Online Singing Lessons

Last but not the least, there is a reason I didn’t want to include this on top of our list.

I mean who doesn’t like free stuff ?!

There are hundreds upon hundreds of videos on YouTube that will help you sing better. But how many professional singers have you met that have claimed to be self-thought? that number is very low.

Whether you’re just trying to improve your karaoke game or trying to go pro. Just like any skill in life you need to have a strong foundation on basics and proper techniques.

Apart from the technicality, you need proper mentorship and support for those sticky spots.

That is the main reason I don’t recommend free classes. As they lack interactivity, feedback, customized classes, proper tools, in-depth classes, and in most cases its just a marketing ploy to upsell their paid products.

I mean almost all the products we recommended above provide a sample or monthly trail for free. But its what you after that counts the most.

But regardless of our checklist we did pick a couple of teachers who have earned a good reputation on providing proper basics and general lessons.


  • Lisa Popeil: I don’t want to get too much into Lisa’s resume, she is a well-accomplished teacher in the Music field and has worked with celebrities like Frank Zappa, Weird Al, and many more. Lisa provides quite a few paid lessons on her site but she also has a wide range of videos that provide free vocal tips and if you want to check out her tips click here.


  • Take Lessons: This website is a collection of various professionals that take time to teach classes. But they provide a 30-day free learning course. This gives you a choice to pick your own teacher that would suit your own style and can learn at your own pace. Check it out here.


  • SkillShare: SkillShare is an online community of best practitioners/hobbyists/professionals who share their talents and skills with others in various fields. As you might have guessed they have a section for singing as well and they are free for anyone for certain trial period or “classes”. Check it out here.

The Verdict

If you want to learn singing online, then your first and most convenient step is to choose online singing lessons that can carry you though all of the trials and challenges ahead.

If you love to sing, the entire process should be fun – but it will also likely be work as you overcome obstacles on your way to becoming the best singer you can be.

Find online singing lessons that you know you can depend on to give you the best instruction and tips possible, so you can emerge at the end of the process an incredible singer.

When deciding between various options across the web, keep in mind what is most important to you as a student.

Here are some of the things you’ll want to consider before you commit to online singing lessons:

  • Do the online singing lessons teach the style of vocals that you’re looking to master?
  • Do the instructors have credentials that compel you to trust their expertise?
  • Do you get the individualized and personalized attention you need to learn properly in this area?
  • Will you be getting appropriate feedback from your online singing lessons so you can spot what you’re doing wrong and learn to fix it?
  • Will you have access to all the resources and tools that you need to succeed?

There are all questions that you need to ask yourself when comparing different online singing lessons.

In doing so, you will ensure that you find online singing lessons that perfectly matches what you are looking for from your vocal coaching.

Become the best singer you can be by enrolling to online singing lessons today!

Affiliate Disclosure: The products we are recommending have been tried and tested by us. If you do decide to purchase using our link we get a commission but at no extra charge for you.

Due to popular demand, we summarized the products below for your convenience:

The Vocalist Studio Sing Pro 30 Day Singer
Superior Singing Method
Interactive Uniquely interactive online learning Fully Interactive Interactive No
Feedback Submit Practice videos to your world-renowned teacher Live Assistance  music experts for guidance No
Recorded Lessons Available Informative videos from the world’s most respected vocal experts. Yes Yes
Customized Experience Yes Yes Yes No
Wide Variety 35 music courses Yes Yes No
Credentials 4.7/5 4.5/5 4.6/5 4.4/5
Genre All genre Different Different Not Defined
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